Tirana attractions

Tirana is one of the youngest cities in Europe, that becamed capital of their country. Founded in 1614 by a general of Ottoman sultan (ruler of medieval Turkey) there are no monuments from ancient times, but the city with it's turbulent recent time is more then a gateway to beautiful Albania.

Ethem Bey Mosque and Clocktower

One of the masterpiece of Balkan architecture of early 19 th century is the Ethem-Bey Mosque and 35 meters high Clock Work Tower. Both are situated at the main Skenderbeg Square (Sheshi Skenderbej) and the tower offers perfect place to take some Tirane bird view pictures.

Ethem Bey Mosque in Tirana

International Centre of Culture, former Enver Hoxha Memorial

Since 1944 the country was under rule of communist dictatorship represented by Enver Hoxha. When he died in 1985 a large memorial was build, anyhow after 6 years the old regime ended. Today the impressive building is named Internatonal Centre of Culture.

International Centre of Culture in Tirana

National History Museum

To discover and understand Albanians, the nation of eagles, it is recommended to visit the National History Museum situated close to Skenderbeg Square. Once again the building is a typical representant of funcionalist communist architecture. English guides and explenation are available for majority of exhibits.

National History Museum of Albania in Tirana

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